Clean Up, Capitalise and Restructure
Restructuring Announcement by RBI is virtually God sent for any company
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Restructuring for MSME announced by RBI is virtually god sent for MSME. Companies with total loan of Rs. 25 crores have always been excluded from successive restructuring mechanisms. If used well, restructuring together with recent Government schemes can actually make MSMEs prosper.
We at SMB Enablers Private Limited, Chennai are conducting a webinar on 01st Sep, 2020 between 4 pm and 5 pm titled “Clean up, Capitalise and Restructure”
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Clean Up: Methodology to restate balance sheet so as to arrive at the exact amount to be restructured.
Capitalise: Ways and means to capitalise the company.
Restructure: Present restructure scheme, projecting financials based on restated balance sheet, concessions to ask for and ways and means to get the best from bankers.
Tools: Introducing tools that can achieve proper CMA for restructure.
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We can be of service in the following ways:
  1. You can use our webtool to generate CMA for restructuring purposes.
  2. We can generate cma report based on your financials and you can fine tune it.
  3. We can prepare complete restructuring document interacting with you.
  4. We can represent you and get the restructuring done, end-to-end, if you are in Tamil Nadu.
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Presented by:
Srikanth Gopalan
Chartered Accountant
SMB Enablers
Sriram Venkatraman
Seasoned Professional
SMB Enablers