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Downloads and Business Templates

We at SMB Enablers believe in “contributing” for a cause and we will be more than happy to showcase some of the resources that can help you gather insights for yourselves before speaking to us for a specific task. Should you feel a need for something else other than what is listed below, feel free to write to us and we will try out best to add the same.


“Marketing on a shoestring budget” – a targeted seminar for SMBs, happened on 28th December in Chennai. The event received encouraging response from participants and we are planning for a enhanced version in January 2011. Stay updated.

Business Plan

Chess Facilitators is an Organization that set off to do their initial business plan. Look at the plan and see what all they have considered as part of the plan and how they have envisaged growth, risks, opportunity, etc. Sample Business Plan doc

Marketing Plan

We have tried to do a hypothetical marketing plan that covers all elements & ingredients required for an ideal plan. You may use this doc as a guide to appropriately chart down your marketing plan based on your business model. Sample Marketing Plan doc

Click here to read a simple yet powerful resource on 7 steps to achieve success in Marketing

Project Finance, Accounting and useful Excel files:

Case Studies

  • Read this case study to learn how a practically simple dream of a mother and her enthusiastic son paved way for the launch of an interactive & resourceful Chess portal. Also read how a realistic marketing strategy helped the portal gain popularity and revenue. Download PDF



Three Divisions Four different broad classifications. Service Offerings within the class are all encompassing for every clients’ needs. Our basket of solutions include capital needs of SME be it Equity or Debt, Documents, Checklist, Training and Process needs of SME and its Staff and restoration of forgotten wealth of people