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We at SMB Enablers believe in “contributing” for a cause and we will be more than happy to showcase some of the resources that can help you and your business. We have started Docskart to help the cause. Visit Docskart. It holds lot of documents useful for MSME. Other than what is listed below if you require something else, feel free to write to us and we will try out best to add the same.


Webinar on “Clean up, Capitalise and Restructure” – a targeted Webinar for MSME, CAs and Bankers on One time restructuring Scheme of RBI to restructure Bank Loans on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sep 2020. More details and registration link are here. Above is the document for your use. Somewhere else in this page you will find relevant notifications of RBI. Webinar’s Registration Link.

One Time Restructuring of Loans Permitted by RBI

Ways and means to do it. This document discusses the need to clean up the balance sheet, ways to get the right debt-equity, RBI Norms for restructuring, various funding schemes available and proper methods of restructuring. Download the document here.

One Time Restructuring Of Loans Permitted By RBI

Clean up, Capitalise & Restructure

Restructuring of Loans “Clean Up, Capitalise & Restructure”

Clean Up Capitalaise and Restructure

CMA Template for Restructuring of Loans Permitted by RBI

Once you use our CMA generator, the output will be in excel sheet. Get a feel of our CMA excel sheet for restructuring. Download the document here.

One Time Restructuring Of Loans Permitted By RBI

Finance Minister’s Presentations on Post Covid Stimulus Package

Finance Minister’s Presentations On Post Covid Stimulus Package

Project Finance, Accounting and useful Excel files:

Case Studies

  • Read this case study to learn how a practically simple dream of a mother and her enthusiastic son paved way for the launch of an interactive & resourceful Chess portal. Also read how a realistic marketing strategy helped the portal gain popularity and revenue. Download PDF



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