Wealth Restoration

Unclaimed Shares ScamAfter a three  week hiatus due to unavoidable personal commitments, I woke up to a couple of news relating to our business. First is this news item in the Times of India on 23rd October, 2017. News item states that unclaimed shares are being misused by a few unscrupulous operators in connivance with Registrars and Transfer agents and perhaps banks. This unholy nexus is quite disturbing.

Forgotten assets such as investments in Shares, Debentures, Mutual Funds, Bank Deposit, Provident Fund, Bank Deposits etc are posing lot of problems for its holders and legal heirs alike. We have made a detailed post on Unclaimed Dividends and shares titled “Golden Egg – Reclaiming Forgotten Shares in Listed Companies” here. We have outlined high level process required to claim these assets, our services and the reason why it has happened in the first place. Newer readers to our blog are encouraged to go through that post or follow that tag “Golden Egg” in our blog. We are expanding on that post and are planning to write detailed posts as a series. Part I is “Succession Certificate”.

It is a non-descript corner of Salem, Tamil Nadu. The lady was sitting in her small flat in a usual dry evening. Our territory manager approached the lady and asked if the particular person lived in the address. Actually, he was no more and the family has changed the residence three times. Our territory managers do a bit of Sherlock Holmes, before they reach the right prospect and he knows about it.