Inventory Control Workbook for Real Estate Companies

Inventory Control Workbook for Real Estate Companies

Often SMEs operating in the arena of real estate development face a peculiar problem. They normally operate anywhere between two to twenty sites, all having a maximum of seven or eight flats per project. All materials required other than cement, sand, steel and blue metal experience centralized purchase. Materials are received in one place and are diverted to various sites. Often the companies do not have a clue as to what is consumed in which site.

Recently a Real Estate developer from Chennai faced with the exact problem approached us. They wanted a solution to this problem. The company though big enough, was not ready for a web based Real Estate ERP solution. They use Tally for tracking financial transactions.

We suggested implementation of Inventory Management in Tally and we demonstrated that Inventory can be successfully mapped to individual projects in Tally and that they can get realistic data anytime. Perhaps there were some extraneous reasons, they wanted to keep the inventory in Excel

Hence we ended up developing a spread sheet to meet the requirements of Real Estate Inventory Tracking.

We ended up spending more time understanding the nuances and translating it to an Excel Spreadsheet. This can be used by a typical underemployed accounting staff in SMB sector.

Alas! Having done that, we were unable to fetch the fee it deserves. Obviously there is a limitation to the price fixation of an Excel sheet, no matter what it delivers.

Hence we are looking at providing this solution to other similar companies with or without modification. What do you think? You may leave a comment here or write to

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