Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

It’s raining. No family time on a Sunday Evening. I was trying to zero in on 20 key words for optimising my client’s web site. No. I am not in SEO business. I was just trying to arrive at key words to dump it on someone else’s lap. Brainstorming as part of our holistic strategic consulting.

I chanced on the fact that “Loan Calculator” is searched a million times a month!

I have various Loan Calculators in my Excel Library. If so many people want them month after month, I think, I should share them. Hence I uploaded them in my Resources Page

They do not have any protected cells and they are totally editable. You may freely distribute them. They do not have any IPR associated with them.

It is just that I am pointing the link to my Resource Page and not to the file for download directly. That way, you have to visit another page of my website. <–Sheepish Grin–>

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